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Designing the University Libraries’ Future – with Google Indoor Maps!

March 13, 2015

by Karen Schwentner, Programmer/Analyst, Penn State University Libraries and Web Conference at Penn State Track Co-Chair

Working at the Penn State University Libraries as a web developer has always been fun. Challenging and rewarding, yes, and every so often a really cool opportunity crosses your path. At a conference last year, a few colleagues and I attended a presentation on Google...

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How Do You Design the Future?

March 5, 2015
This year's conference theme, Design the Future, is much more than a theme; it is a mission and a vision, a challenge and an invitation. Design the Future. It is what many of us do every day in our jobs without ever taking a step back to realize that the development, design, content, and education ideas we have today shape what the web looks like tomorrow--and not...
Hello, Instagram! Are you ready for some #psuweb?

Instagram + PSUWEB Events = A Combo You Don't Want to Miss

February 10, 2015

Believe it or not, registration for the Penn State Web Conference is almost here. Still not sure if you want to come? I just have two words for you. After Hours.

We all work hard and, if past conferences were any indication, we play hard too. This year, we thought we would have a little fun, so to keep things interesting we will be releasing tidbits about our venues via Instagram. So...

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Key Elements for a Dynamic Presentation

January 13, 2015

by Megan Folmar

Every year the Web Conference has a host of fantastic presentations that not only engage, but challenge attendees. For me, those few days of presentations inspire my work for the rest of the year. The fresh and diverse perspectives serve as a jumping off point that I can shape and build upon in my day to day work. But really, what makes these presentations stand out from...


Arctic Plunge

November 18, 2014
by Carl Schaad
I woke up this morning to my iPhone buzzing at me, and half-asleep flailed at it until it fell on the ground. Still buzzing. Eventually I turned the beast off and checked the weather. Minus 7. Let me type that again: MINUS SEVEN. It was for mornings like these that God invented telecommuting.
But I soon found myself driving...
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Work it at the 2015 Web Conference Workshops

November 13, 2014
Events like the Web Conference offer attendees all sorts of wonderful, useful stuff, from chances to see remarkable and famous keynote speakers to a chance to network with one of the coolest crowds around--the web community at large! But one of the most useful of the many great things at the Web Conference are the workshops, which for the 2015 conference will be held on...
Essential ELEMENTS for Designing the Future

Designing the Future

October 28, 2014

We have a vision for the professionals who attend the Web Conference at Penn State in 2015. One in which they discover the power to shape the future of how to use technology to share information and engage with our world. Our goal is to offer a dynamic conference agenda with all of the essential elements to provide the inspiration, foundation, and means to go forth and Design the Future...

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How Breakout Sessions Made My Conference

October 1, 2014

Why do I go to The Web Conference at Penn State? Well, big-name keynotes are great, networking with peers is wonderful, and yeah, the Penn Stater has wonderful food (Penn Stater-hosted conferences are tough on dieters). But I believe one of the biggest benefits of The Web Conference at Penn State can be found in the breakout sessions. We're currently accepting proposals for these...